• Modelling is more important than ever in industry and society

    Modelling is more important than ever

    in industry and society
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  • Companies need graduates with modelling skills

    Companies need graduates

    with modelling skills
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Learn process modelling skills for your career

Employers need graduates with strong modelling skills

Process modelling plays an ever-increasing role within industry. Increased competition requires more detailed, higher fidelity models for design and operational decision support. New products and new processes are not covered by standard model libraries. Employers need engineers who can do more than make spreadsheets or press buttons on pre-built flowsheets. PATH teaches you the skills to build and implement models in a way that will be required beyond the classroom.

PATH teaches you the modelling skills employers need!

Be prepared for digitalization and learn skills that apply across any industry

21st century engineering takes more than a spreadsheet

Modelling for real processes requires features and technologies that spreadsheets cannot handle. PATH materials help you learn how to start from a business problem, determine what is really important, and translate that into a useful mathematical model. As every industry sees more digitalization of development, manufacturing processes and control systems, engineers need a working knowledge of advanced process modelling tools and technologies.

  • Dynamics
  • Design of experiments
  • Global System Analysis
  • Optimisation
  • Physical properties
  • Parameter estimation
  • Model validation
  • Online model-based predictive control

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